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Waxing / Other

Waxing / Other

We offer a choice of two different types of wax for the face and body ...

Waxing / Other

Additional Info:

We offer a choice of two different types of wax for the face and body waxing. Both ty
pes of wax are formulated for sensitive skin.

Our Brazilian bikini waxing allows a woman two options: go bare or leave a strip of pubic hair. (Be sure to read the Brazilian Bikini Waxing FAQ below) We use a unique and gentle disposable hard wax. This helps ensure enhanced and longer lasting results with less discomfort. In addition, new fresh wax is used for every client for sanitary purposes. (Women only.)


  • Full Leg
  • Full Leg with Bikini
  • Lower Leg and Knee
  • Upper Leg
  • Upper Leg with Bikini
  • Bikini
  • G-String
  • Brazilian Bikini / Full Bikini
  • Under Arm
  • Chin or Lip
  • Nostril waxing
  • Jaw Line
  • Eyebrow Waxing
  • Arm (Half/Full)
 $50.00 / $60.00+
  • Men’s Upper and Lower Back
  • Men’s Eyebrow
  • Men’s Ear Clean-Up


What is a Brazilian bikini wax?

This waxing process is the removal of the entire pubic area except for a small patch above the vaginal area. This allows a woman the freedom to wear the most revealing lingerie or swimwear!

What is the difference between a “Brazilian bikini wax” and a “full bikini?”

My Brazilian bikini wax will leave a small strip or triangle (it’s your choice) of pubic hair above the vagina while the full bikini will leave you completely bare.

How hot is the wax and what do you do differently than other salons or spas?

Your visit will result in using only a new and disposable wax every time the process is performed. The bed sheet is replaced with every client and the spatula used is disposed of after use. We are ultra-hygienic! The wax used is a first-rate hard wax that very few spas use, due to its prohibitive cost. The wax is usually heated at around 155 degrees Fahrenheit. By the time the wax leaves the pot and reaches the skin, the wax has cooled off enough to be applied delicately with gloves At the end of waxing, my client’s frequently mention that my attention to detail and perfection makes my Brazilian bikini waxing the best they ever had!

I’m excited but I have never had a Brazilian bikini wax, how do I get ready for my visit?

Your personal cleanliness is important. This will make my job easier. Please take extra attention to the area around the anus. Please don’t shave before your visit. Using hair clippers or scissors, try to cut your pubic hair down to about ¼ inch in size. It is preferable that you postpone your appointment until you have finished your period. This will decrease any discomfort while your bikini waxing is being performed. Also, if you are experiencing a yeast infection or similar issue it’s imperative that this is taken care of before your appointment. Please know that I cannot perform a Brazilian bikini wax if you are using Accutane or taking any medication that makes that susceptible to tenderness. For your own comfort, take a pain reliever 30 minutes before your appointment.

Once I have had my first Brazilian bikini waxing, how often should I come back?

Generally speaking, most of my client’s return in about 4-6 week’s time depending on how quickly your hair grows. If you are taking some vitamins, certain prescriptions, or hormone medication your hair may grow faster than usual. You should notice that after a few appointments, your hair will grow in a much finer fashion and at a slower rate.

I love my Brazilian bikini wax! What are some dos and don’ts?

It is best to allow several hours before taking a bath or showering. If you’re planning on swimming in the ocean try to wait 24 hours before doing so. The heat from the bath water or salt in the ocean can be bothersome. After that, enjoy your Brazilian bikini!