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Founded in 1962, Algotherm, imported from France, is the innovating, pioneering laboratory in marine cosmetics.

Set at the heart of fields of seaweed bathed in the Iroise, benefits from an exceptional setting – Brittany. This is a favorite region, where 80% of the seaweed is harvested for cosmetic, nutritional and medical purposes. Sea water and seaweed have unique similarities in their composition with blood plasma. This resemblance, coupled with the natural phenomenon of osmosis, allows perfectly-dosed active ingredients that are in perfect affinity with our bodies to be carried to heart of our cells. Algae contain more than 103 minerals, vitamins, proteins, and numerous trace elements and are known for their efficacy and very high active principles. Elements from the ocean including seaweed, sea mud, sea salt, and sea water are used by Algotherm

In addition to its range of products, Algotherm offers an overall concept for wellbeing. Its aim is to make a treatment a unique moment of pleasure and relaxation.